Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Viking food revisited

Some time ago my old group Gotvik used to have an event at Ale vikingagård, a reconstructed longhouse outside Gothenburg. I cooked some viking-ish food there and found it intriguing given the lack of actual recipes.

My current group Holmrike is running a May count event (first weekend in June, though) at another "new" longhouse, Tostesta and I have volunteered to cook. This site is more primitive, there is no running water and all the cooking will be done over open fire. It should be fairly small though, we are estimating somewhere between 20 and 40 people.

So now I have started over with the Viking food. Research will be quick and dirty as the goal is to set plausible food on the tables and having fun cooking over fire.

Research will be quick and dirty. I started with a quick web search and came up with these for a start:


I was going to look into books as well, but will probably have limited time for it. I am very interested in An early Meal by Serra and Thunberg that will be published later this year, but probably not soon enough to be useful to me this time.

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