Friday, February 28, 2014

Menu Nordmark universitet

Friday night was Valentine's Day. We had soup, bread, some prosciuttio and a couple of noce cheeses. And a really, really rich chocolate cake (not made by me).

Saturday lunch was a beef stew served served with cracked wheat.

Saturday dinner was a buffet rather than a full banquet:

Cherry sauce (sweet and sour, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper)
Cabbage salad (fresh parsley, leeks)
Soup of green peas (cinnamon, black pepper)
Hen pie (dates, raisins, spiced wine)
Pork sausages (smoky apple)
Lamb roast (garlic and rosemary)
Mashed carrots with almond milk (black pepper and sage)
Marchpane (rose water or saffron)
Apple pie (saffron, rose water)
Whipped cream
Cookies (saffron, cloves and nutmeg)

There were some late omissions, there should also have been:

Cameline sauce
Cheese balls

People seemed to enjoy the food. There was enough of all things, but there was not a lot of leftovers. The home-made pork sausages (not made by me) all disappeared but I think people had seconds and thirds of those, so there was no shortage. I assume there might have been more meat left if there had been an additional starch (rice).

Some short things to remember:

-make lists!
-cinnamon and peas are friends, the soup was nice even without the intended saffron
-bring extra saffron
-people are great, there was so much help and nice conversations in the kitchen

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