Monday, March 3, 2014

HSF14 Challenge #4: Under It All

Last time I moved I did actually get rid of some of the things that I would probably never finish. This shirt however I could not leave since it is such a lovely soft fabric.

When the Under It All challenge came up I decided to take it out of the bag where it had been sitting for five years or so. I soon realized that the problem was the ruffle. "What ruffle?", you ask. Well, the one that I unpicked, tried once more to attach neatly and then unpicked again and settled for doing without in order to actually finish the shirt. 

I also decided to sew the remaining long straight seams using the sewing machine. I then unpicked those since I had it inside out when sewing them. The only reasonable place to use the sewing machine at the moment is the kitchen table, and by the time I had unpicked the seams someone else had spread out an entirely different project there. So the shirt is hand-sewn since I wanted to finish it rather than wait for my turn to use the table.

The Challenge: A 16th century shirt
Fabric: Thin hemp
Pattern: Loosely based on somebody's description of the Sture shirts, I think. 
Year: 16th century
Notions: thread (linen, silk and cotton by the looks of it)
How historically accurate is it? Reasonably
Hours to complete: No idea, how about thirty?
First worn: Only for the photo. I intend to make a dress to go on top of it.
Total cost: None now, and I don't remember how much it was when I bought it. 

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