Sunday, September 14, 2014

Upgrading veils

I have a couple of thin cotton veils that I have been using for ages. The first one I got at a Christmas gift exchange in Gotvik my first year as a member. After that I made a smaller one, which I every time I weat it think is too small, and a larger one that looks cool but is always getting in the way of things, so the first medium-sized one is the one I have been using the most. I have also had  some fine hemp fabric that I meant to make a couple of better veils out of. I have had it for quite some time not getting around to actually cutting and hemming it. This year I did actually manage to make one half circel veil and one oval. The hems could have been narrower, but at least I have new crispy veils. I like the way it falls around the face, it is slighty more stiff than the other ones. Ignore the strange placement and view of the veil, I accidentally just deleted a better photo. 

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