Sunday, June 1, 2014


We have been to Double wars, it was great! I hade intended to do some stuff for the tent and things were sort of almost done. I had made tassels for the two cushions for the benches, but I did not have time to sew them on before leaving and I also forgot them at home. Now that we are home again I out them on so that it will actually be done the next time I need them.

I had also made new curtains to use as inner walls since we like to divide the tent into different rooms. I measured by the old ones, completely forgetting that dependeing on which height we put the spoke and wheels at they are a little or a lot too long. I did an emergency basting to get them usable, but they will need a remake. Adding a couple of extra ties would not hurt either.

In many other ways the camping was smooth. The tent behaved well, the rope bed worked much better with the new and different rope and we managed to feed ourselves with a reasonable amount of work.

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