Thursday, January 16, 2014


I decided to try the Historical Sew Fortnightly.The setup is a new challenge every two weeks, but I might skip some of them. I can't quite wrap my brain around what to do for "Innovation" and "The Politics of Fashion " anyway.  I'm a bit surprised that I decided to do this since I don't really enjoy sewing and don't identify myself as a seamstress. I do enjoy having stuff when it's done though, so this is a way to actually get some things finished.

The Challenge: #1 Make Do and Mend
I have an old green dress that had three small holes near a seam in the lower skirts. I decided to use a patch on one of them and moved the seam 5 mm to get rid of the other two.

Fabric: Thin green wool

Pattern: One of the Herjolfsnes dresses, pattern originally made by a friend.

Year: 14th century

Notions: Thread

How historically accurate is it? Reasonable from the outside. It has lots of machine-sewn French seams on the inside. The patch is made from the same fabric as the dress and hand-sewn with silk thread. The thread is a bit too bright, but I find the result OK.

Hours to complete: Under 1. It was done about a week ago, but I didn't get around to blogging.

First worn: The dress itself maybe in 2008. It hasn't been worn after mending.

Total cost: Almost none, just some thread and scraps.

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