Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hazelnut treats from An Early Meal

I tried the recipe for hazelnut cookies in An Early Meal. I have already had those made by other people and expected them to be good, which they were. I need to maka a couple of more batches before next weekend, though.
I also made walnut cookies by altering a recipe for walnut meringue cookies using honey and omitting the vanilla. There will be no more batches of those, but I will probably bring the ones I made. Meringue is a diva that requires really clean utensils and a good whipping, and I don't think that I could get a decent result doing that in an iron age kitchen. Substituting honey for sugar made a tasty cookie, but the meringue was somewhat strange, probably due to the water content of the honey. It could probably work in the right proportions, but I'm not really a sweet cook, so my patience for tweaking cookie recipes is small.

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