Wednesday, May 15, 2013

After Double Wars

Most things went well, the weather was good and there were lots of nice people, as usual,

Here are some random notes, mainly for me:

  • Inner walls/dividers for the tent would be nice to replace.
  • The heater needs a good cleaning and possibly different fuel. 
  • The heater was nice, but not really necessary. 
  • Kitchen chest can lose some stuff, and the cutting board should be on top, not under everything else.
  • If we make a bed it might be nice to add some sort of shelf for small stuff, phone, water bottle, etc.
  • Having two sheep skins in bed is nice.
  • We brought way too much food. 
  • Soup, bread and dried meat is a decent lunch.
  • Use sunscreen when packing.
  • Bring a larger container for water.
  • I really need to finish the Mästermyr chest.
  • Cushions for the benches would be nice. 

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